Transgender Day of Remembrance Online Art Vigil
  • International Transgender Day of Remembrance - An invaluable resource site run by Gwendolyn Ann Smith.  Learn more about the Day of remembrance, read the statistics on transphobic hate crimes, and find other TDOR events in your area.   This site contains a full list of every person lost to transphobic hate crimes.  Find out exactly who we will be remembering on the 20th, and missing every day from now on.
  • Remembering our Dead Web Project - Another site by the same activist, with resources for planning your own TDOR event.
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project Archive - Laura Ann Seabrook was kind enough to post an archive of the original Webcomics Project.  She also appears to be running her own version of the project this year, with the theme "Coping." 
  • More to come