Transgender Day of Remembrance Online Art Vigil
ANNOUNCEMENT: Laura Seabrook will be hosting the Webcomics Project this year.  Her site is here.  

  Meanwhile, non-cartoonists are still welcome to send their submissions to me.
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Inspired by Jenn Dolari's Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project, the Transgender Day of Remembrance Online Art Vigil is a way for cartoonists on the web to speak out against transphobic violence. 
This year alone, twenty-five people were murdered due to anti-transgender hatred.  The brutality with which these crimes are committed is beyond description.  These killings tend to be glossed over by the public at large, either out of fear, ignorance, or unwillingness to confront the issue.  And don't forget, for every hate crime made public, there is another that goes unreported. 

Participation is simple.  Every year has a theme or prompt - all you have to do is make an image based around that theme, and post it on your site on November 20th.  The image can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. 
I also ask that you include a link to the official International TDOR website, so that everyone can learn more about the issue at hand. 
Finally, send me a copy of your artistic contribution by the 15th of November, so that I may display them here on the site.
Those without a comic or website are welcome to join in - I will be sure to add your piece to the gallery!

Together we can see to it that those lives lost will not be forgotten.

The Themes:

For anyone still wishing to join in the Online Art Vigil, the current theme is "Remembering their lives and mourning their loss."   The idea is to remind everyone that each name on this list was once a living person, with family, loved ones, and a future.