Transgender Day of Remembrance Online Art Vigil

    Questions about the Online Art Vigil?

Frequently Asked Questions

-Are there any requirements for participants?
The only requirement is that you sincerely want to help spread awareness and acceptance for the Trans community.  Limiting who can submit art would defeat the purpose of this project.

-Who are you?
I am Indigo, a geek who hopes to put my meager art skills to work for a cause I believe in.

-What happened to the original awareness project?
The original Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project started in 2004, and ran every year until 2009.  This year, the page seems to have been taken down.  Jenn Dolari has stated that she is unable to run it this year.  Hopefully she will be able to run it again in the future.  A full archive of Jenn's original project is now online here, hosted by Laura A. Seabrook.   I've recently learned that she is also running an awareness project for this year, with the theme of "Coping." 

-Where do I send my submission?
Email your piece to me here: whateverlandusa at

-Why webcomics?
!) That's how the original project worked.
2) Comics are a very effective way of conveying a message. 
3) The internet is a good way to spread information and reach a lot of people at once.
4) Lots of people read webcomics.